Who is K V Silimon ?

I am a mother, 20 year retired veteran of the United States Air Force and the driving force behind Silimon Solutions LLC. Many clients know me as Kym Possible. I am an old school cartoon person. Kym Possible is an orange-haired high schooler who tackles high school by day and fights villians by night.

I don’t have orange hair and my high school has not seen me in many, many moons. I do however fight vilians. In my case, the villians are the administrative tasks of your back office. We make it possible for clients to engage in the activities that they started their business for in the first place. The goal is to put more money in your pocket and return hours to your day.

Everyone has 24 hours in a day. For professionals and executives, the goal is to use those hours wisely. Delegation of tasks to others is a MUST HAVE SKILL. We take those tasks and you handle the tasks of building your business. As you handle the tasks of building your business, you in turn make more money. WIN, WIN!!